The Problems with an Education in the Philippines

Well, I’ve already said quite a bit about the media, I know. However, I think it’s time we got to discuss the possible solutions to the rapidly degenerating literacy rate of the Philippines. First and foremost, just like Rizal, I think that education is indeed key to the success of any country. If we really want to lift ourselves up from being the laughing stock banana republic of Southeast Asia, then I think it’s time we tried to focus on the things that can help improve our knowledge and provide the right kind of lifestyle for the common Filipino citizen.


Unfortunately, just like the media, Philippine education seems to have its own set bizarre and unwanted issues that prevent it from being of greater help to the Filipino people:


Well, I’m sure that most of you are more than a little familiar with this one. I, for one, am not all that surprised about it either. Well, just so most of you know, it’s been stated that majority of the taxes we pay supposedly goes to the department of education. If that is indeed the case, why are there so many students in the Philippines who are forced to study without classrooms, books or a means of safe transport.

The K-12 system which is supposed to be imposed this coming 2016 may look well on paper but its implications may prove to be more difficult considering the kind of culture we have. With just about every kind of process, be it a business transaction, a religious service or a legislative action involving a backroom deal, it’s less about the greater good and more about how much the people in charge can profit from the event.

Unqualified Personnel And Materials

No offense to teachers who may read this, but I have met my share of supposed “academics” who have nothing better to do than look out for number one. For every good teacher out there who wants to provide students with correct lessons, good ideas and with a dedication to giving children a brighter future, there are those who are irresponsible about the safety of students as well as what kind of values they’re trying to espouse.

Then there are those study materials out there, books and what not that all too often prove to be inadequate in providing students with accurate information. Wrong ideas as well as wrong facts will never help students in becoming productive citizens.

The Media

Ah, here we are again. I simply can’t stop attacking the media, can’t I?

Well, the fact that the media is anti-intellectual is probably one of the biggest reasons we’re not going anywhere as a nation. With the demonization of otherwise good examples of Pinoys like Ms. Uy and promotion of the airheads in PBB, is there really any surprise that majority of Pinoys aren’t interested in learning? Does it ever occur to anyone that it is essentially the celebrity-centered media that has taught our youths that being a celebrity is far more profitable and desirable than a successful businessman, doctor or lawyer?




We are Future Teacher

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